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Dental equipments

Royan Trading was founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing dental, medical and laboratory services, starting out by supplying and distributing these products. In 2013 we could expand our operations. Now our activities reach from buying and selling products of international accredited countries for different groups of kits, machinery, and consumption laboratory materials in such a way that it is currently regarded as a knowledge-based company, approved by the authorities concerned, through providing high quality products and has been accredited by CE and FDA.

Dental products

Royan Trading GmbH is a supplier of all kinds of Dental Instruments & Surgical Instruments worldwide. We worked hard to build our reputation in this evolving industry and our satisfied customers are our strength. Our products are manufactured using the best quality as ASTM and DIN standards' recommended, imported from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. The key to our success is our quality assurance. We use the right material for the right products. Our prices are very competitive and very flexible; we provide a maximum co-operation with our customers. All of our Dental Instruments are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and CE marked certified in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. All Instruments are also (FDA) Certified. Information on the characteristics and cultivation properties of the most common varieties you can find in our catalog of varieties:


Dental Turbines
Straight and contra-angles handpieces
- KaVo turbines
- Sirona turbines
- Dentflex turbines
- W&H turbines
- STERN WEBER turbines

Tel. & Fax

Dental Laser
- Dental Lasers
- Surgical Lasers
- 3D Intraoral Scanners

Implantology & Implant Instruments
- Implant systems
- Bone regeneration
- Implant Instruments
- Restoring Implants
- In2Guide

Practice Equipment
- Treatment units
- Operating Lights
- dental chairs
- wireless foot control
- Dental X-ray Software

Dental Imaging / Dental X-ray
- Digital Volume Tomography 3D (CBCT)
- Panoramic X-ray 2D
- Panoramic Imaging 2D / 3D
- Imaging Plate Systems & Sensors
- Intraoral X-ray
- Dental X-ray Software

Carbide burs and cutters, diamond instruments, polishers, abrasives and steel instruments
- Diamond instruments
- Tungsten Carbide Burs and cutters
- Polishers and abrasives
- Steel instruments

- Nickel-Titanium Rotary PathFile
- Manual files
- Paper and Guttapercha points
- GuttaFlow
- ParaPost and ParaCore

Adhesives / Restoratives
- Bonding / Etching
- Cement
- Filling Materials
- Curing Lights
- Temporary Restorations

- Preparation
- Impregnation
- A-Silicone / C-Silicone
- Impression Tray System
- Bite registration





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