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Services Overview


Import & Export:
We offer the best services with reasonable prices when shipping your goods. Your goods are always delivered on time. Make reservations online 
We help you to rent Containers for your goods to be shipped, make enquiries online 
other Services:
We can connect you to proper partners of us for:
- Handling
- Transport
- Supply
- Storage
- Identifying  the products in the markets of the Middle East specially Iran, Irak, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman and Central Asian specially Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia  and Tajikistan.
- Identifying  the leading distributors in the area for each type of product.
- Establishing long-term business relations between European products and distributors or consumers.
- Establishing a knowledge and recognition of the brand distributors and final customers.
- Establishing an agency of our stocks in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Our mission

Establishing a long-term business relationship with our customers is our optimum goal. We believe it can be done by exceeding their expectations and attracting their trust through exceptional performance of every member of our team.
With our constantly expanding stratgy, proper connections, sound business principles and expertise, you can be sure that you  have just found the appropriate business partner. After all, "Fair Deals Only" is our core belief!

What Do We Do


Our Task
we obtain information about your product. You send detailed information and conditions about the product you're looking for. We search the world for it, as per your requirements. We analyze all offers and you achieve higher sales and turnover, More »

About Our Offers


Our Offers:
We connect the most qualified customers with the most competitive suppliers and we make sure they form a good and long lasting relationship

Absolute discretion and confidentiality, in all cases, rule our transactions;
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Our success


Your success is decisive for our success!
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